Elite Tuning fleet management solutions

Elite Tuning's fleet management solutions can recalibrate your vehicles to your requirements to enable fuel savings, RPM/speed restrictions and a reduction in C02 emissions.  Therefore, protecting your business assets and reducing your overall running costs.

We understand that driving styles can adversley affect your operational costs, not just in fuel but servicing and maintaining your vehicle, not to mention lost revenue whilst the vehicles are being repaired.  Our fleet management solutions can enforce a driving style so that maximum efficiency can be achieved, ensuring your running costs are kept to a minimum.

Benefits of RPM & maximum speed limiters

  • Prevents the driver from cruising at high speeds, saving fuel
  • Prevents the driver from hard driving, typically limited to 3,000rpm, saving fuel
  •  Increases engine longevity due to more sedate driving
  • Can increase service times for variable service schedules
  • Reduces overall CO2 output