ECU Remapping Warrington & surrounding area
We can provide Elite Tuning remaps fully tailored for your vehicle.  With an Elite Tuning remap, the vehicle will be fully set up.   This means it would run ultra smoothly, more BHP, more torque & better fuel economy. We don't over quote bhp gains or try to give you as much power as possible without any thought for the life span of your vehicle.  We tune for optimisation between the right power and reliability in our stage 1 remaps, this is why they're the best value for money.  All our software is developed with real time logging. Elite Tuning will come to you. We cover Warrington & surrounding areas. we also cover most of the UK with our Elite Tuning dealers.

Before carrying out any remapping we always carry out a full diagnostic health check to ensure the vehicle is in the correct state of health and no current engine issues are present. We believe that driveability and reliability is as important as performance and therefore when you choose to tune with Elite Tuning you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

 Economy tuning:
Increasingly popular with rising fuel prices, we are able to re-calibrate the ECU data to improve fuel efficiency. The increase in torque will allow less gear changes and accelerator pedal movement thus resulting in improved MPG and driveability. Economy Tuning is only for Turbo Diesel vehicles.

 Stage 1 tuning:
Designed for a standard and unmodified vehicle with no hardware upgrades. A Stage 1 Remap increases power and torque while also improving fuel efficiency. Removes flat spots and gives a more responsive drive without compromising reliability.

 Stage 2 tuning:
Bigger increase in power and torque than a Stage 1 Remap, efficiency will still improve but not as dramatically as a Stage 1 Tune. Often hardware upgrades are required before a Stage 2 Remap can be applied. Removes flat spots and gives a more responsive drive without compromising reliability.

Other services are available please ask for details: 

Our remaps are proven time and time again as reliable and effective. Even though we can offer incredible gains in power and torque, we also believe in safe and sensible tuning - that’s why our customers return time and time again. All original maps are backed up on our dedicated server allowing the vehicle to be reverted back to the original format at any point in the future.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. With reliability drive-ability and satisfaction, we are sure you will be delighted with our services and have no hesitation in recommending us to your family and friends.

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