ECU Remapping in Warrington

Elite Tuning can provide ECU remaps fully tailored for your vehicle.  With an Elite Tuning ECU remap, the vehicle will be fully set up.  This means it would run ultra smoothly, as well as being faster and reliable.  Custom ECU remaps usually take a good few hours to do.

Before & after print out:

We can show your before & after gains.  We will print out the results for your records.  We can also do power runs if your vehicle has already been mapped.                                      

Economy remapping:

Economy ECU remapping for maximum fuel economy from the vehicle.  This is designed with taxis and large fleet owners in mind, who are looking for every last mile from there fuel to help save costs and increase profit!

EGR removal:

The EGR valve on vehicles is designed to do exactly as it says - recalculate gases from the exhaust.  EGR valves commonly  clog up and can cause running issues with the vehicle's performance and economy.  We can provide software which will stop the vehicle's ECU trying to use the EGR valve, and will keep it constantly closed with no error lights on the dashboard.  This means the engine will always run on clean, fresh air and will run smoother and cleaner through the rev range.

DPF removal:

The DPF (diesel particular filter) is a component that can be very costly if it starts to fail.  They can be very expensive to replace, (£1000-£5000 in most cases).  They decrease MPG while trying to regenerate, and when blocked can cause no end of issues. With a DPF removal, you will have the benefit of no more regeneration, improved performance, no costly bill for replacing the DPF when it clogs up, and no errors or limp modes.  DPF removal is recommended for off road use only.  But we can fix a lot of problems without the need to remove or replace the DPF.

Speed limiters:

Elite Tuning can add or remove speed limiters on a wide range of vehicles.  Whether its companies with a massive fleet of vans that all need to be limited, or just an individual who wants a speed limiter removed.

Tricore remapping:

Elite Tuning can offer ECU remaps on the latest tricore protected ECUs.  ECUs in most new cars are 'anti-tune' protected, meaning OBD remapping is not possible.  There are still options which involve removing the ECU from the car and programming it directly on to the processor board.

Tricore service mode:

Thanks to the lastest updates in protocols from Alien-Tech, Magic Motor Sport & Auto Tuner, we now can bench ECUs without having to open them up.  We read and write directly through the ECU connectors, where we would normally have to open the ECU.

If you don’t see what you need here, please contact us with your details and requirements and we will be in touch as soon as possible.