DSG Tuning Files

The DSG remap upgrade is a great addition to an already impressive gearbox.  The remap gives the driver back full control in manual/sport mode, as well as enabling full use of the engine's power range.

The DSG gearbox remap includes the following features :-

Faster shifting between gears.

Launch control enabled at 3200rpm.

The torque limiter built into the factory software has been increased to 500Nm (368lbft).

Please note:
these limits are not hardware limits, but built in software limits from the factory.  As with all our software, our DSG software operates within the safety tolerances set by the factory.

In gear display is turned on (model dependant).

Kickdown has been disabled, giving more control over the car.  The car will no longer select gears in manual mode.  The driver has full control.

Auto upshift is also disabled, allowing the driver to upshift as and when they please.  This gives more control to the driver and allows the full potential of power to be seen from the car.