Performance remaps:

We can provide Elite Tuning ECU remaps fully tailored for your vehicle.  With our remap, the vehicle will be fully set up, meaning it would run ultra-smoothly, as well as being faster and reliable.  We confidently guarantee the most precise configuration available.  We offer stock-like drivability with extreme power gains by modifying your engine timing, boost, and fuel mixture and by applying our secret formula!  Our custom tuning service reflects our goal of providing the most trustworthy, clean and cost-efficient method available for extracting the most out of your engine.

Economy remaps:

For maximum fuel economy from the vehicle. This is designed with taxis and large fleet owners in mind, who are looking for every last mile from their fuel to help save costs and increase profit!

Speed limiter adjustment/activation:

Speed limiter adjustment for Most speed limiters can be removed.  Please contact us with your vehicle details for further information.

Launch control: 

Launch control is designed to help the driver generate a quick launch from stand still. Too much power and the vehicle will wheel spin.

TCU remapping:

Vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions are normally fitted with a TCU (Transmission Control Unit). The TCU controls all aspects of the transmission’s functionality e.g., gear shift and torque limitation.


Key programming:

If your key is damaged or broken, it may need to be reprogrammed or you may even need a new key to be made, which will also need programming to your specific vehicle.


DPF Removal/Delete:

Most vehicles fitted with a DPF will need to have the filter replaced at some point as part of the service schedule, if it hasn’t become overloaded in the meantime.  This can be very expensive, sometimes over £1000 (based on a BMW 33OD).

Benefits of DPF removal:

  • Increased MPG
  • Better performance
  • Improved performance
  • Avoid expensive repair cost

EGR Delete/removal:

Having your EGR delete software can save you money in repairs and in fuel costs.  EGR removal and EGR bypass software and can correctly remove the functionality from the software of most ECU types.  Some companies will simply turn off the codes associated with it being unplugged, but this is not the correct way.  The EGR valve needs to be properly disabled to ensure it is not trying to recirculate exhausts gases whilst still physically working in the engine.

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