Engine carbon clean Warrington

The benefits you can get from simply having one of our carbon cleans on your engine...

Restore engine components

Have you got a failing engine component?  Cleaning can not only prevent such failures, but if dealt with promptly can also restore components exhibiting signs of failure.

Power and performance

Is your vehicle down on power or performance?  This will be due to loss of efficiency.  Cleaning can help to restore that efficiency giving you back the power and performance.

Fuel efficiency

Have you noticed fuel efficiency/miles per gallon (MPG) has dropped?  Often, this is caused by carbon restricting engine efficiency.  Cleaning can help to restore efficiency giving you more MPG.

Excessive smoke/high emissions

Does your vehicle smoke excessively?  Has it failed it's emissions test?  Cleaning can help to restore efficiency that causes such issues, therefore lowering emissions and reducing excessive exhaust smoke.

Smoother engine

Is your engine running rough or lumpy?  That'll likely be due to carbon clogging causing inefficiencies.  A clean engine will run a lot smoother and be more refined with less wear and tear.

Save money

Who doesn't want to save a few £s?  A cleaner engine is a more efficient engine, therefore saving you money on potential expensive repairs and helping to reduce ever increasing fuel bills.