Economy Remaps

Are you looking to reduce costs at the pump and your CO2 emissions?

Today, we can help you save up to 20% on your fuel costs and reduce your CO2 emissions.  By providing your vehicle with more power within the low-mid rev ranges, we can reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes.

Remapping your vehicle ECU with our economy tune can help you save up to £0.22 per litre on diesel fuel bills (based on average diesel costs in the UK).

Reduce your fuel consumpton by up to 20%

The fuel economy engine tuning service (economy-tune)

Tired of excessive fuel costs?  If you are looking to reduce your fuel costs whilst also doing your bit for the environment, then perhaps it is time that you considered remapping your vehicle.  The economy-tune service will provide your vehicle with increased power and torque in the low-mid range of engine revs.  The increased power within this rev range ensures that less gear changes are required.  With fewer gear changes, your vehicle requires less fuel and substantial fuel cost savings can be made.

The economy tune remap has been specially designed to help reduce your MPG.  For long distance travellers or for those with a commercial vehicle, there has never been a better time to get your vehicle remapped.  

By reducing the amount of fuel that your vehicle consumes, you will directly reduce your CO2 emissions.

Reduce your carbon footprint

How will an economy-tune ECU remap reduce my CO2 emissions?

As your vehicle will be consuming less fuel, you will directly reduce the CO2 emissions which your vehicle produces.  The economy-tune ECU remapping service will help you to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing the number of miles to the gallon your vehicle is capable of.  Did you know that for every litre of fuel your vehicle burns, 2.63 kg of CO2 are released into the atmosphere.  This is not dependent on how you drive or indeed what you drive, but how much fuel your vehicle consumes. Reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes and you will reduce the amount of pollutants your vehicle pumps out into the atmosphere.

Whether you are looking to remap a private car or a commercial fleet, the potential fuel cost savings available are significant.

Economy-tune remap road test

What fuel savings can be made by having an economy-tune remap?  There are various factors which determine what fuel savings any given vehicle can benefit from after an economy-tune remap.  How you drive and what you drive will have a large bearing on this.

In order to provide specific information relating to the fuel cost savings which can be made after an economy-tune remap, here at Elite Tuning we have carried out a road test using five different vehicles.  Each of the vehicles tested showed a significant drop in fuel consumption. The economy-tune remapping process helps to increase your vehicle fuel efficiency, whilst dramatically lowering your fuel bills.

Our eco recalibration software can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Up to 20% improved fuel economy
  • Improved power
  • Improved torque
  • Improved driveability
  • Reduced C02 emissions
  • RPM & speed limiters for fleet management solution