Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers which we often deal with. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

What is a Remap?

Most vehicles since the late 90s have now got an Engine Control Unit (ECU for short). The ECU's purpose is to control how the engine runs, and make sure everything happens at the right time and make sure everything is running optimum. It does this by reading values from a multitude of sensors in the engine bay, looking up the data using multidimensional maps inside the ECU then adjusting the engine components (Turbo pressure, Injectors, Ignition timing etc etc) accordingly. When Remapping we look at these tables used to control the engine and we advance them, meaning the vehicle creates more power and will generate better economy. Also a remap means you have no extra wires from tuning boxes, and all safety limits are still intact and working, as the ECU still has full control over the car.

Why don't manufacturer do it?

When manufacturer design a car, it has to take into account for all purposes all over the world. Some of the following are reasons as to why the manufactures have to comprise in power: Climate, Humidity, Different Grades of fuel, Different Tax and Emissions rules and Different Altitudes. Vehicle Tech tuning can optimize these, which will make the vehicle more fuel efficient and generate a higher power output.

Is a remap against the law?

No There is nothing illegal about remapping an ECU on a car, although it is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of any changes to the vehicle.

How can I pay for my remap?

Elite Tuning accept the following methods of payment: Cash or Card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro) and in certain circumstances bank transfer. We do not accept cheques. or we can offer monthly payments through 3rd company

How do you remap without a dyno?

A dyno is just a tool to use that lets you run the car up the rev range on the spot without having to drive up the road. We use diagnostic tools and fuelling (AFR) tools that let us record data as you drive along to give us just what we need to make adjustments to the map and get your vehicle running perfect without a dyno. Elite Tuning carefully monitor the AFR readings, Ignition timing, Knock, Boost (on turbo charged cars), engine load, airflow meter Flow readings, injector duty cycle and more to make sure the car is running as best as possible with the remapped software on the car.

What Areas do you cover?

Elite Tuning will come to you. We cover Warrington & surrounding areas. we also cover most of the UK with our Elite Tuning dealers.

Do you have terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions At Elite Tuning, we carry out a thorough vehicle health check before any remap or software work is undertaken. We reserve the right to refuse to remap any vehicle if we believe it is not to a satisfactory standard or shows signs of neglect and lack of servicing. NO WARRANTY IS GIVEN ON ANY COMPONENTS ON YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE OR AFTER THE REMAP OR SOFTWARE IS APPLIED. Elite Tuning do not accept liability for any mechanical or electrical failure (or part failure) after the performance software (remap) has been installed. Elite Tuning will not be held liable for any emission control bypass software used on the public highway, these vehicles must continue to comply to euro emissions standards.